what different types of photography are provided by birmingham photographers!
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There exist various types of photography and services offered by birmingham photographers such as architectural visualisation and interior visualisation. They include the following:

· Aerial photography: This is the type of photography done from a plane, a balloon or any other airborne device to capture pictures of different things such as buildings and wild animals.

· Animal photography: This is a type of photography offered by Birmingham photographers and involves taking photographs of pets.

· Real estate/architectural photography: This type of photography involves taking pictures of various architectural designs like buildings.

· Black and white photography: This type of photography explores different shapes, textures and tones of pictures. In this kind of photography, shadows of images are much highlighted for clarity and good view.

· Commercial photography: This type of photography takes place in advertising and in product shots. In this kind of photography, black and white portrait photography can capture the most appealing scenes of commercial pictures.

· Kirlian photography: This type of photography involves contact printing of a photograph. In this method of photography, an object touching a photographic plate is connected to a high voltage source so as to create an aura like image.

· Modeling photography: Birmingham photographers who specialize in this field of photography convert photographic objects into 3D models

Birmingham photographers have shown their ability to deliver high quality portraits in their photography work. They are the best!

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